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Jules Sturgess Automotive design and manufacture tools for the PPF industry of exceptional quality: a purchase from Jules Sturgess Automotive is investing in quality 

PDC Cutter

Cuts precise circles of various sizes for PPF installation on PDCs   



UK: 3-5 days, International: 5-10 days




SKU: 364215376135191
UK: 3-5 days. International: 10 days
  • This precision tool will, with little familiarisation and practice, allow you to cut parking sensor holes in paint protection film, after the film is fitted to the vehicle, in sizes from 18mm to 32mm diameter.


    It employs a blade guide system that, when set up correctly, allows the film to be cut in a perfect circle, without fear of cutting though and into the underlying paint. 

    Extremely close tolerances and finely machined components throughout ensure minimal 'slop', meaning circles are perfectly round, and more importantly, close and join exactly at the end of your cut.


    With a microblade depth adjuster; diameter adjustment; drag adjuster / brake; and suction cup foot, this tool is built to be more than a one size fits all and, more importantly, safer to use. 


    Alternative products on the market are less precise, high risk and are unable to cut a neater circle.    

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